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Install Instructions:

  1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file
  2. Move the folder that was unziped to the "CarModel" folder under the "GameData" folder in your Need For Speed III folder. (Usually that is C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed III\GameData\CarModel)
  3. Fire up the game and play!

Driving Notes

A high center of gravity, lots of power, and lots of grip, mean that on pavement its fairly easy to flip it over. Be careful of how much you ask from it, as you can go overboard.

On road surfaces, it has enough braking to pick the back wheels off the ground.

A wheelie is a matter of throttle control, best to do one starting in 2nd gear, give it hard, then back off a bit. The higher the angle of the truck, the less power it takes to hold it up. Try to not hit the back bumper on the ground.


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