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Install Instructions:

  1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file
  2. Move the folder that was unziped to the "CarModel" folder under the "GameData" folder in your Need For Speed III folder. (Usually that is C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed III\GameData\CarModel)
  3. Fire up the game and play!

Driving Notes

1. keyboard controls for this car is a must..the main keys you will want to use are, brake, left-right, fowards, RESET =) , and headights(headlight control makes it look cool..also maybee the horn :) try to fit that in to!) those are the main keys you will be using.

2. The brake, unlike other "superfast" cars, this one's brake works like a reg. nfs car! You can use it to point the nose into a turn! that really lets you take hairpins at very very high entry speeds. What I mean is, you use the brake to supplement the cars great handling on turns, just use it to skid the nose into the turn. It may take some practice, but you should get it. Also don't get confused, it doesn't mean you can take the empire city hairpin at 700MPH, a little practice though and 300-500MPH Is possible on a turn.

3. This car speeds up faster while turning. this compensates for the loss of speed while braking through a turn, yet still giving you powerfull braking before you start your turn.

4. After a wreck, just point the car back in the road. Let off the throttle and get back up to speed! just wacth how much speed you get, .! lol

5. this car can do 180's on a dime, and give you 9 cents in change!

6. Its best not to be in high RPM's when you take off from the starting grid. below 4000RPM should be fine. This one redlines at a lower rpm! some where near 7000-8000, with only a .4 speed transmission too!


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