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FAQ - Andrew's Need for Speed 3 Cars

How can I make my own cars?

First, you will need some to get some programs, my favorites are VIV Wizard and NFS Wizard for general editing, Car Cad for editing the 3D car bodies.

I learned how to edit Need for Speed 3 cars the hard way - I just started playing with the tools until I got them to work. But you can us Patwoo Designs' Beginner Tutorial to get you started.

One warning! Make your your own cars takes a lot of time and patinence. Don't give up after your first week of trying.

How can I ask you a question?

Email Me! I would love to hear from you.


Formula Brick(Racer)


Barraca (Racer)

Hover-Two (Racer)

Groenendael (NFS3)

Malinois (NFS3)

Planetary Adventurer (NFS3)

Pursuit Deep Chaser (NFS3)

Rabbit (NFS3)

Von-Fan Pursuit (NFS3)

Von-Fan Hovercar (NFS3)

Phantom Pursuit (NFS3)

Phantom (NFS3)

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