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Phantom (NFS3)

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This car's stunning and agressive styling has performance to match!

With its 20,000H.P.+ engine going through a 3 speed transmission this car gets about 960 H.P./ton. Whoa 20,000H.P. but only 960H.P.a ton? Ehem, we forgot to say it weighs over 25 tons! With all that mass ANYTHING you hit Goes Flying!(except maybee another Phantom)
just look at those two CLK-GTR's and you see what I mean!!

With all that horsepower the phantom gets going to about 193 MPH on almost any track,(It still has a lot of accel left at that speed...I just made it max out at 193. If you want faster lower the gear ratios in car tuning. It still has the power to go waayyyy faster.) It 0-120's in only 8.5 seconds!

you would think with all that mass that the car couldn't turn. However this car's handling is supurb. with adequate traction and really good turning plus the car's accel and top speed you won't just shove them out of your way. You will Catapult them out of the way. ;)

Have Fun with this high speed super heavy Supercar!!

Driving Notes

This car can really slide through turns because of its heavy mass. However it still gets enough traction to go overpowingly fast through turns

With its good 0-60 and acceleration that keeps on coming this car is FAST.

Remember, if it moves, you can knock it around.

Class: A

Throw other cars like they are toys!

Plough the other cars off the road!!! Yeee Haaaa

This car is going to be noticed on the road(or off it for that matter:)


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