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Groenendael (NFS3)

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This car is sure to catch looks from every one! With its extra large exhaust system, two front wheels and one giant rear wheel this car is very unique looking! It has a very nice looking paint scheme to!

The Power plant is two scaled down Prat and Wittney Wasp Radial engines, the total power out put is about 650HP, in a super light chassis this car screams!

I would say it is one of the best looking cars I have made so far. The name comes from the Belgian Sheepdog, known as the Groenendale. There are four different Belgian Sheepherd Breeds, the SheepDog(Groenendale) the Malinois(Yeah, my supercar is named after it) the Tervuren, and the Laekenois. Over time I hope to make the Tervuren and Laekenois to!

Driving Notes

The car's rear center of traction gives it a very unique way of turning.

this also makes for interesting collisions with other cars, be carefull where you get hit, it can spin easily when hit in the right spot.

Use throttle off and/or brake to make the extra tight corners.

Class: A


A bygone era returns!

3 wheeled fun!


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