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Hover-Two (Racer)

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Car is for Racer v0.5.3 Beta2.0

The Hover-Two is a spartan two seater hovercraft. Its mostly designed for wide open areas, but a skillfull pilot can negotiate it around public roads. Its not very practical, but it will definately turn heads, especialy those of the driver, as the Hover-Two can be driven in any direction.

Driving Notes

You drive by the vehichle's thruster, which is located slightly off center. It will create a braking force in the direction its pointed, or a thrust.

WHen slowing it down, you can either point the engine away from where you are going, and thurst, or point towards the edge you wish to stay away from, and brake, they both work. The same applies for going in a direction. Tis one takes osme getting used to.

Class: A

Downhill's are tough.

Retro-Futuristic Styling

Drive it slowly


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