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Barraca (Racer)

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This car is for Racer v0.5.3 beta 2.0

The Barraca, has been a mystery to the world for many years. Some insist its one things, others another. This highly experimental concept is now finaly released to the public. The car was designed for the Count of Ohuekantskareame, who upon his first test drive, never ever spoke a word to anyone again for the rest of his life. This event caused it to be shipped away from the darkened forests where the Count had his castle.

It fell into the hands of a Smuggler, who got it into the United states. After that, he was always thought a bit crazy, he would start to say something, then stop. When you've got the fastest car in the world, and cannot tell anyone - life is very tough indeed.

Eventualy, he left the vehichle in a farmer's abandoned barn for it to find a new owner. Somehow it ended up in California. its proud owner, could not register it, something about emissions or that sort. I bought it on ebay, and now its availible to the whole world. - erh, yeah. :)

I love driving this one, realy have to stay on my toes. Brings a very different suspension and chassis setup. Will take you a bit to get used to, but I hope you spend that time.

Car is part of a concept contest on Race Sim Central Check out some of the cool cars, voting starts April 28th.

Driving Notes

This car is a bit tricky to drive at first- expect to spend almost as much time mowing the grass, as tearing up the tarmac.

Its rear engiend, 34%/66% weight balance, 1,800ft/lb's of torque. Get your shifts right, and you can pull a wheelie all the way down a 1/8th mile drag strip. That much power, means you've got to control how you are putting the power down.

With the rear weight bias, if you go into the corners too fast, you will be fighting oversteer, and either go off track, or swing wide and loose on your laptimes. Its best to go in a little slow. The car's acceleration is fairly equal to its braking ability, so be prepared to move your normal braking zones back if you are used to most cars.

On corners, the front inside tire can at times not be in contact with the ground, the cambers of the car keep the grip on the outside tire. Due to the heavy rear, the car maintains a fairly normal feel even with only one wheel in contact up front. A lot of older 911's have this same trait.

They key to learning this car, is to go into a corner a little slower, and play with the throttle until you find a speed that works, and adjust your entry for next run.

A little bit of throttle yeilds understeer - will help the car go straight, too much wheelspin, is bad, as the rear which is fighting for traction, will loose its adhesion to the pavement.

The gauges are very usefull. The lower gauge, shows two speeds - the real speed of the vehichle in relation to the world around it, and the speed measured at the wheels. You can see the difference, and tell how much wheel spin you have. The far right side of the speedometer - is 440KPH. The top bar, is the engine's RPM.


Massive high grip tires.

Excelent view of whats in front.

Arrow shaped outline.


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