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Formula Brick(Racer)

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This car is for a program called Racer, not NFS3. You can get the lastest version here. Racer is a great game, and its free. Depending on the whims of the car maker, it can be pretty close to how real cars feel. You can find all sorts of tracks and cars at this this website.

The new Formula Brick, its shinier and sleeker! This race car is all ready to go, it has a high revving motor that loves to pull against the gears - all seven of them.

Top speed is just high of 408KPH, making it slightly faster than a Veyron.

Driving Notes

The first thing you should know, is this a front wheel drive car. Most people do not know how to drive one properly, so this may be a bit of a learning experience for you.

The car has a fowards weight bias, and stickier tires up front, with a suspension that is fairly equal in stiffness relative to the weight balance. What this means, is the tail is going to try and slide out on fairly easily. The natural reaction, is to cut throttle, but in this car, that will make it worse.

When cornering, you almost always want some acceleration pulling the car around. A small amount transfers weight back giving more grip.

Also, you don't always want to power and heavily countersteer to pull out of a slide, the front wheels are powered, and will just pull you off the track. Point the front wheels where you want to go, and add power. Depending on how far sideways you are, countersteer isn't bad, just don't overdo it.

The brake bias is fairly rearwards, letting you step it out a bit into a turn, so tread carefully of mid turn braking as it will upset the car a bit.

The most important thing in a fast lap time is entry speed, you need to come in slow enough you can keep a bit of power down throughout the entire corner. Coming in far too hot is going to seriously kick the car sideways, and you will lose time recovering.

At higher speeds, the suspension is almost bottomed out, be careful when entering the bottom of two steep hills at speed, as you may run out of suspension room with not so nice results.

Install instructions are similar to the standard NFS 3 install. Unzip the .zip file, move the folder inside(formulabrick2) to racer/data/cars, Simple as that.


Rumble Ready

Plastic interiors tend to be looked down on by Europeans.

Its all action


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