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Phantom Pursuit (NFS3)

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Wham! Boom! Kabang..."the driver is in custody!" Chrash..."I have the speeder under arrest."

When the Pursuit Phantom is on the road, No one gets away!

Its one fast pursuit car! With enough horsepower to lift the empire state building off the ground...and a mass equal to the titanic(not will just SEEM like it!) Its easy to win hot pursuit races, and fun to!

Driving Notes

1. pull up along side your target. Slam them hard towards the wall. This will slam them sky high or slam them through the wall and out the other side of the track. This side slam tactic is probaly the best to use with the Phantom.

2. Pull just ahead of your target and slam your brakes and turn hard to the wall to your targets front into your cars side. This way works well in the Phantom and also El Nino.

Class: A

This cop car gets the speeders flying

Unstopable power!

Mission Accomplished


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