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Von-Fan Hovercar (NFS3)

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Futurist looks, Unbeleaveable handling, and with twin high power jet engines, this car will send you hurteling down the track.

It has a unique feel going down the track, with its body banking steeply on turns, and its different way of handling, it lets you know that this is no ordinary "supercar"

You can easily look down on all comers from this car! ;) Riding in the sky on a solid particle beam projector this car puts a new perspective to the road! The high tech particle beam, however, still doesn't let you pass over other cars...

Overall this is one dangerous..and unique race car!

Driving Notes

1. This car doesn't lose much speed when you go of the road, so you can use a much wider path on some turns.

2. Avoid taking unnecessarily sharp turns at higher speeds. You can lose 10 to 40 MPH easily in a sharp turn.

3. This cars has slow 0-60 (Lamborghini Diablo and then some) Just when it shifts to over drive on the turbofan engines the particle beam system goes a little "funny" so avoid going into second gear.

Class: B

Spacy Looks

Looks cool on the track

Normal cars look up to this high riding


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