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Von-Fan Pursuit (NFS3)

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Give those speeders the shock of their life by coming up behind with lights flashing in this stunning pursuit car!

With good all-around accel ,topspeed ,and handling, this hover car gets the job

This car has a unique "feel" compared to other cars. (note: It uses a particle beam lifter instead of air as the "hover cushion" so its handling is very different from other cars) It banks side to side on turns like the real hovercar does! Its one fun cop car to get poeple with!

Driving Notes

1. Fly a little ahead of your target and do a hard 90 degree turn with throttle off and with NO BRAKES OR HANDBRAKE!! during the turn. After you've got them smash your brakes hard. This tactic has a pretty high chance of pulling them

2. rear end your target at high speed. Keep it up till they slide into a wall. Then hold them and get them a ticket

3. Pull ahead and lay a spike strip.then go back about 40 feet. Catch the first guy with your car, Then pull the guy just hit by the spike strip. When the second guy hits the spike strip lay another one before you pull him.

Class: B

A Von-Fan Pursuit waiting for trouble.

The unsuspecting speeder.....



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