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Pursuit Deep Chaser (NFS3)

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"Descend 200 feet below surface and wait for the speeders."
"But we're on land!?"
"Yes, but don't forget; We are in a Submarine on land!..."
"You said it Yourself, SUB M-A-R-I-N-E, it has to do with WATER, admiral..."
"Yes, S-U-B marine! Start the H.M.A.A.F.H.I.T.G.-D's!"
"The hm...a, uh, ...WHAT?!!"
"The Hyper Mega Automated "A Few Holes In The Ground"-Drills; We're going down..."

*Submited by Michael Westerlund from Sweden when I told him I was going to build a nfs sub*

This car can dissapear leaving only a phase shadow to mark its menance! Turning on the headlights makes it appear out of the ground! Its pretty cool to invisible sneak up on cars and just appear!

This road submarine also makes exelent road blocks!

Driving Notes

1. The obvius way to catch speeders - make the ultimate roadblock using spike strips and broadside of your sub. I pulled all but one computer car at single roadblock this way.

2. With its length the sub can easily spin other cars out. So chasing them is almost as fast as makeing a great road block.

Class: A

Coming up on the pack.

It looks as if that guy is in trouble

What a roadblock.


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