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Planetary Adventurer (NFS3)

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Soon after Andrew Industries released the "SP4" series, designed for research scientists working on remote planets, adventurous drivers discovered the "SP4" and stunt racing has never been the same. Renamed the "Planetary Adventurer" and with the research equipment removed, this has quickly become the favorite vehicle of those that want to drive beyond the limits of other cars.

The Planetary Adventurer drives as if it were alive, not as if it were mindlessly on rails. Twisting through turns with this car is a whole new adventure, as the car slides around corners.

All it takes is a little bump in the road to start the Planetary Adventurer flying with all four wheels off the ground. You can soar right over the competition on a big jump.

With Planetary Adventurer's cool looks, and light handling, this is one FUN car!

Oh yeah, it has a completely original, futuristic interior too.

Driving Notes

1. The Planetary Adventurer's light feel takes some getting used to. Mix a Ferrari and El Nino with a lot helium and you get the idea.

2. This car has mega low downforce, which allows you to send your car flying on just about any jump.

3. Be careful with hitting the wheels on things as you slip through tight spaces.

4. Fast acceleration allows you to use plenty of brakes to point your car through the turns.

6. You have to watch yourself in that first tunnel on "Rocky Pass" and "Summit". If you don't... the boss of the road maintnence crews is going to have order his workers to try removing a squashed steel spider looking thing from the top of the tunnel. =)

7. Enjoy the Planetary Adventurer!

8. Oh, the download size is correct! Almost no download time it seems!

Class: A

High speed adventure racing

Soaring high over normal cars

Planetary Adventurer in the show room


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