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Malinois (NFS3)

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With a top speed exceeding 800+MPH and 60-100 in .02 seconds this car..... It makes a "superfast supercar" seem slow!

I have tried hard to make it not only fast, but drivable. Making a superfast car is almost easy, the difference is making one that you can kinda ,well, not chrash every time you get to speed. A few things I saw my car needed to reach that goal... and beat it.

Brakes. Most of the "superfast" NFS 3 cars don't skid when you brake. I learned how to make it do this. (The skid on this car isn't a loss of traction but the car really turns in tightletting you tap the brakes to point you through turns.)

Non jerky sub 300MPH handling (I get emails from poeple who want a fast car without this problem like the cool car they said they downloaded. So, it was real high on my priorities list)

Also getting up to speed in half a second. (As with the jerky handling problem, this one was important! Because the other cars were hardly controlable until near racing top speed - then they couldn't turn tight enough - getting up to speed was important.

This car has a "secret weapon" incredible boost system! Just let of the gas and...WHAT LET OFF THE GAS TO GO FASTER??? Yeah... be careful though how much you use it, if you go to fast, you smash into walls right and left~\! The main thing I use this for is getting up to speed, also on longer straights(so if I am exiting a hairpin at 250MPH and I can take the next track section at 400MPH I hit the boost to get me up to that speed. It really works!

This car is the work of almost a year and a half of research into NFS performance! The Rabbit was one of the research cars. So was a car that broke the lightspeed barrier. That one wasn' content to just go over it though - I used to keep track of it's topspeed in how many trillions times the speed of light it went. (I lost that exact car in a hardrive crash, however I still have its best laptime of -5.9 seconds!!!!) I have done so many cars and tracks that will probably never reach the web in making this car, if you have wondered why you hadn't seen new cars lately this is part of the reason. Now that this car is on the web its "secret weapon" is unleashed to the web - the boost system. (If you ever use a boost system on a car please put a link to my site and who came up with the boost system in your readme. This is my special toy, ok? However, you can base cars off this performance, just put credit to me in the readme and on the site from where it is downloaded. )

And, it is driveable! I put it through a dummy test, more then one realy. My little sister for one (who does not play nfs) tested it out for me. She did a 1:50 laptime on empire city! And a top speed of 602MPH! She beat my best two lap race times in any car but this one!!!, So, it IS driveable! (my current lap record is 0:54)

By the way, the name of the car comes from a breed of herding dogs. The Belgian Malinios. The closest of the four belgian herding breeds to the german shepherd (just the Malinios, are much..much smaller dogs.) So if you ever wanted to drive a car that was a real dog car......

By the way..on my current home town lap record I hit the brakes 63 times!(I had to put it in slow mo to count I was using them so fast at points...63 times in 31 seconds is a little over 2 times a second average!)

Hehe..just went over this, and saw I put in Malinios instead of Malinois, hmm. Also don't forget to check the car compare! (pretty cool results :) check it out!)

I am sure that NFS cars will never be the same after this one. Feel free to email me any comments you have!
Now for the driving notes! HAVE FUN! And get the T-Shirt!

Driving Notes

1. keyboard controls for this car is a must..the main keys you will want to use are, brake, left-right, fowards, RESET =) , and headights(headlight control makes it look cool..also maybee the horn :) try to fit that in to!) those are the main keys you will be using.

2. The brake, unlike other "superfast" cars, this one's brake works like a reg. nfs car! You can use it to point the nose into a turn! that really lets you take hairpins at very very high entry speeds. What I mean is, you use the brake to supplement the cars great handling on turns, just use it to skid the nose into the turn. It may take some practice, but you should get it. Also don't get confused, it doesn't mean you can take the empire city hairpin at 700MPH, a little practice though and 300-500MPH Is possible on a turn.

3. This car speeds up faster while turning. this compensates for the loss of speed while braking through a turn, yet still giving you powerfull braking before you start your turn.

4. After a wreck, just point the car back in the road. Let off the throttle and get back up to speed! just wacth how much speed you get, .! lol

5. this car can do 180's on a dime, and give you 9 cents in change!

6. Its best not to be in high RPM's when you take off from the starting grid. below 4000RPM should be fine. This one redlines at a lower rpm! some where near 7000-8000, with only a .4 speed transmission too!

Class: AAA

Cool...Low...Smooth...almost catlike styling

Its an awe inspiring sight to watch this car flash past....however brief the sight is!

Crouched low and ready to SPRING!


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