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Malinois - 976mph

The Malinois gets the fastest lap times in NFS, and the most looks from spectators. You can wear your own Malinois shirt and get some attention too. These are 100% cotton, white Hanes Beefy-T's, so they will last a long time. Show your stuff!

Price is $15.99 and shipping usualy comes out to less then $5.00. Order Here


Formula Brick(Racer)


Barraca (Racer)

Hover-Two (Racer)

Groenendael (NFS3)

Malinois (NFS3)

Planetary Adventurer (NFS3)

Pursuit Deep Chaser (NFS3)

Rabbit (NFS3)

Von-Fan Pursuit (NFS3)

Von-Fan Hovercar (NFS3)

Phantom Pursuit (NFS3)

Phantom (NFS3)

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