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What is Need for Speed 3?

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What is Need For Speed

Andrew Von Fange Need for Speed 3 is a computer racing game that lets you race some of the worlds fastest supercars.

Need for Speed 3 surports multiplayer play with TCP/IP, IPX, and Modem. It has an install option that allows you to play a multi-player race between multiple players with only one CD, which is really nice. It also has a split-screen screen mode that allows you to race with another player on one computer. Split-screen isn't anything new, but it allows allow you to race a friend, even if you don't have a network.

One nice thing about Need for Speed 3 is it doesn't take a lot of graphics power compared to other games out there, and it has good graphics on faster machines. NFS 3 is my personel favorite among the many racing games out there, and among the Need for Speed series.

The makers of Need for Speed 3 designed the game to be able to easily download and install new cars and tracks off the internet. It comes with nine race tracks set on roads across America, and has eleven real world supercars, plus one car from the game makers imagination.

You can find NFS III at almost any store that carries computer games. Because it came out a while ago, Need for Speed 3 doesn't cost a lot. You can find it for about 5 to 15 dollars.


Formula Brick(Racer)


Barraca (Racer)

Hover-Two (Racer)

Groenendael (NFS3)

Malinois (NFS3)

Planetary Adventurer (NFS3)

Pursuit Deep Chaser (NFS3)

Rabbit (NFS3)

Von-Fan Pursuit (NFS3)

Von-Fan Hovercar (NFS3)

Phantom Pursuit (NFS3)

Phantom (NFS3)

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